Problem:  Girl Up wants to combat the imbalance of gender inequality in STEM fields

Ask:  Position Girl Up as the champion of woman in STEM fields

Strategy:  Highlight female icons in the STEM fields giving girls the ability to see these female heroes

Girl up came to us with the ask of creating a deck for them to pitch cooperate sponsors.  The problem that Girl Up was facing is that since they are affiliated with the United Nations many donors think they are fully funded and don't need the support other non-profits receive.  In reality, Girl Up only receives a small amount from the UN.  The rest of their funds must come from donors.

We created a deck and concept for their new STEM initiative.  This deck has been used in pitches with some of the leading STEM employers.  Recently they received a half million dollar donation from Bank of New York while using the deck.   

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What we found was young girls were interested in the STEM field before high school, but there is a huge dip in interest once they are in high school.  There was a slight pick-up in interest once they were in college, but at this point it was too late.  We needed to reach these girls before high school and get them interested in STEM.

The biggest insight we found that drove our strategy was that role models define what is cool for children and being cool is extremely important.  Boys have cool role models in the STEM field, but girls do not.  The majority of their role models are in other fields like journalism, medicine and education.     

Another difference we found between girls and boys was that girls have a stronger interest in helping and understanding people.  This meant that not only do we have to create icons in the STEM field but we also have to show how these fields impact lives        

We created a three step communication plan that covered awareness, then empowerment and finally a call to action.  The campaign is diverse in how it speaks to girls and the channels it used.   

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