Ask: Create a coffee machine inspired by Kanye West, both in design and function. 

Insights:  When looking at someone like Kanye West there are so many different aspects to consider about his design and aesthetics.  Our first step was to put out a survey.  This survey reached out to people across the globe who consume both Kanye West's music and products.  We were able to tap into groups on reddit and Instagram that saw Kanye as a key influencer.  We drew three main insights from this survey.

  1. First we found that Kanye's products span over many different brackets of income and age.  This surprised us as the majority of his products are on the higher end price wise.   Our survey pointed to Kanye's brand being less about money and more about ideology of the individual.
  2. The second insight we found was these consumers put a high value on exclusivity.  They believe that if a product is hard to acquire it is instantly more valuable.   
  3. Our third and final find was that the consumers of his product valued the backing of a reputable company.  This was most apparent in Kanye's partnership with Adidas for his line of Yeezy sneakers.  The consumer found that Adidas was a trusted brand and they felt comfortable buying a product made by them.   

Process: After taking our insights into consideration we did a deep dive into everything Kanye.  We conducted research by interviewing Kanye superfans and looking into design attributes of Kanye himself.  Bellow one is one of my favirate quotes from our interviews.

After collecting enough data we began the process of designing and mocking up the actual coffee maker.  We settled on a design that was influenced by his line of shoes as we saw this as one of his most important designs.  We also went about creating a mug to go with the coffee maker as we felt this would allow for the user to take this product outside the home and show it off.  The products release also mirrored his fashion and shoe lines in its limited release.     

Release and Marketing:  Our research showed that consumers of Kanye West's products valued exclusivity.  This is where our insight of the limited release came in.  Along with that we also found they put a lot of value into social media.  This lead to us only announcing the product through various social media outlets.  

Another important aspect of this products release was the inclusion of WOLF.  WOLF is a high end manufacture of coffee makers and other kitchen essentials.  We paired with WOLF to release the product as it allows for our user to trust the product.