Problem:  Manwich Lives and dies with the Sloppy Joe.

Ask:  Give people more reasons to use Manwich 

Strategy:  Re-position Manwich from Sloppy Joe Sauce to versatile kitchen helper.

With Manwich we found an interesting opportunity.  Manwich is a brand with a lot of brand recognition yet, they have be relegated to one simple assignment in the kitchen.  They are only used to make Sloppy Joe sandwiches.  We needed to find a way to change that.  Through our focus groups, surveys and secondary research we found that people actually like the sauce on other things.  You can make Manwich tacos, Manwich pasta, Manwich baked potato and many more delicious meals. 

In order to sell more sauce, we needed our consumers to look at us not as Sloppy Joe sauce, but rather just sauce in general.  That is how we can sell more cans and make Manwich a brand that lives beyond Sloppy Joes.  


First we redesigned our cans to bring the brand to a more modern era.  We also created squeeze bottles that emphasize the idea that this is just sauce, not meat in a can.  We placed a blank on the can where customers can decide what the sauce will be used for.  We looked to reinvigorate the consumers perception of the brand through strategic partnerships and a new communication plan.  We even went as far as sending Manwich to space.  We want Manwich to go places it has never been before and be on foods you can only dream of. 

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